Sheira & Loli's Dittydoodle Works uses original songs with creative lyrics and catchy melodies to help children enjoy and celebrate their childhood, while educating them in the process. But in order to effectively convey our powerful and educational messages we need the support of our community. That is why we have created the Dittydoodle Works Community Support Program.

By joining the Dittydoodle Works vendor Program, you'll join an elite group of restaurants, retailers, and other companies that want to help Dittydoodle Works enrich children's lives. Your establishments will each receive a window sticker identifying them as "A Dittydoodle Place." We want children and parents to know that "A Dittydoodle Place" is a special place. A place that not only welcomes children, but embraces them.

Dittydoodle Works hopes that you will find a way to participate in this unique program and become "A Dittydoodle Place", by offering a special incentive to Dittydoodle fan club members. This incentive should not be available to the general public and could be a percentage discount, a special token/meal package, etc. All we ask is that the children are well received, and that the discount always be honored. In exchange, we will continually notify all of its fan club members through e-mails, newsletters, and on-air bulletins, that your establishment is "A Dittydoodle Place."

If you are interested in joining our Dittydoodle Works team, please email us at

with any questions or concerns. A Dittydoodle representative will contact you with more information regarding fee structures and other terms of the vendor program agreement.